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Sports players Jason Williams Nike Air Big Flyer 2008-10-25 15:12:47 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network www.cnxz.cn & nbsp; [Source: TOM basketball] Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; shoes Name: Nike Air Big Flyer & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Release Year: 2000 & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; wearing Players: Jason Williams, Yao Ming, Ewing, etc. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The main technical: forefoot Zoom Air Technology, & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp ; Tuned Air cushioning the heel cushion & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; hidden lace system & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Recommended reason: the last pair using the Tuned Air Technology of basketball shoes & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Sale price: Sale price was 1250 yuan & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1998 June Kings in the NBA Draft In the first round of 7 overall pick Jason Williams. This move was ridiculed by many people. But the Kings did not hide Jason Williams favorite. Jason Williams in his rookie season, will give the Kings became the league's most entertaining team, he almost became the savior of the year to save the NBA at the box office. When Kings Jason Williams, all wearing Nike shoes, then move the Grizzlies, he signed AND1, the Miami He Cheap air jordan 12 ovo at after the move, and Meal of adidas. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; when he participated in the All-Star rookie game a whole purple Air Hyperflight (hip-hop thunder wind series, then the history of the lightest basketball shoes) shine audience, to We left a profound impression. But then Jason Williams, who has been called one of the most majority of SNEAKER players will not wear shoes. Because it belongs to guard him, but often wearing Nike designed to strikers Force series play. In fact, in hindsight, after the year 2000, Force series is not without the classic sneakers birth, but was lack of publicity and top spokesman. But Jason Williams after another wearing Force series, also achieved good results. The Nike Air Big Flyer is one of them. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Although this Air Big Flyer is positioned as a Force Series (Force series symbol of strength, is strong within the restricted area, a generation of powerful players build another generation the Force series is today, when many in the NBA's top center passes through the shoe. Nike Force series was also the more classic works) when the NBA's top center, many of whom pass through the shoe, even when the Little Giant Ya cheap jordans for sale mens o Ming is still the CBA league play, has also been through this pair of shoes. But the shoe is a pure striker positioning shoes is not entirely accurate, because it was a smash hit, "White Chocolate" Jason Williams wearing this shoe picture, also deeply imprinted in everyone's mind . & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Air Big Flyer exterior design is like his predecessors: Air Tuned Force, in fact, in addition to removable shoe laces on the design, it can be said Air Big Flyer Air Tuned Force is based on the improvements comes. At that time in the market, there are three most common color, except black and silver color is a fabric upper, the other two colors are artificial surface material. The upper portion extends into lace, similar to the upper stretch lace cover design will be well hidden and can firmly lock the feet, but also makes the integration of the upper stronger. This technology has hidden laces with a detachable ankle magic stick belt design makes your feet more stable. Exclusive right toe Nike Swoosh Logo this asymmetrical design, but also to Air Big Flyer more features. Especially in the figure of this most beautiful silver color: white artificial tanning leather uppers cheap jordans online , soles strong contrasting colors, a close look at the two leather magic quote and use the mirror when the skin is very popular, very texture. Coupled with the two Velcro also printed with the words "NIKEBASKETBALL", and shine in the sun. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; shoes science and technology: the use of forefoot Zoom Air technology, allows players wearing this shoe strikers want the guards to run as fast, Tuned Air cushioning the heel cushion, Let greatly enhanced stability. (This is the last pair of shoes using the Tuned Air technology, basketball shoes, Tuned Air cushion was born in 1997, is an adjustable air cushion. Developed in Max Air cushion based on the improvement in the structure, the cushion gas chamber strong pillar structure is added to a number of interconnected semicircular structure made of composite rubber ball, which can further improve the stability and elasticity of air.) outsole is always large area herringbone pattern, it skid resistance classic. Related news Shishi efforts to build industrial carriers to enhance industrial intensive level. At present the Shishi Economic Development Zone, beautiful clothing industrial park, Baogai Shoe Industria Cheap air jordans for sale l Park as the leading industrial park in 111 construction projects, 55 Construction projects. 2 million 500 thousand square meters of standard workshops have been built and put into use, leading enterprises and industries to focus on industrial parks, forming industrial agglomeration effects, and promoting the sound and rapid development of county economy. Shishi in accordance with the "high starting point, high standard construction, efficient management, high level of foreign investment" principle to accelerate the economic development zone, natural Shishi garment industrial park, Baogai shoe industrial park three municipal industrial park and Pengshan area planning and construction, and guide enterprises to gather Industrial Park, accelerate the formation of the leading projects, related enterprises centralized and close cooperation of regional industry gathering center. Pay attention to PTA, Wen Xing textile fiber, Wanlian super projects such as the leading role, accelerate the development of modern textile industry, and comprehensively promote the quality of differentiation, weaving, dyeing and finishing, garment accessories brand diversification, actively cultivate an cheap jordans for sale d develop high-tech, bio chemical and petrochemical downstream industry and other emerging industries. At the same time, the integration and construction area of Shishi town and industrial agglomeration, accelerate the construction of standard factory buildings, planning and construction of hardware accessories, textile and other industries Jinshang base, expanding Phoenix in children's clothing, pants, Yongning Jiangxi Han sporting goods production base, develop industry characteristic, the comparative advantages of industrial clusters. Shishi to continuously improve the policies and measures to support the industrial clusters, promoting the construction of innovation, quality inspection, product exhibition, financial services, e-commerce and other public service system, optimize the development of ecological environment industry. At the same time, according to various types of industrial parks, increasing investment efforts to promote more technology and capital intensive, environmentally friendly projects settled in our city. (editor in chief: admin) as the textile, clothing and footwear manufacturing exporter, Vietnam in the TPP after the entry into force can enjoy zero Retro jordans for sale tariff, or it can stimulate the Vietnamese textile exports, at the same time, will also promote foreign direct investment (FDI) more in vietnam. Deborah, executive director of the Asia Trade Center, and Emmas (DeborahElms), even directly indicated that the largest beneficiary would be Vietnam after the TPP came into effect, followed by Malaysia and Japan, ·. however, some scholars have pointed out that TPP is not a "antidote" to Vietnam's exports, but "poison"". For example, the North American Free Trade Area Agreement after the entry into force, its impact on trade in goods is not very large, due to the influx of foreign capital, but also may even crack down on local related industries. Vietnam is optimistic, is optimistic about the impact of the TPP, which is equivalent to getting the privilege of entering the US and Japanese markets". Vietnam's largest exporter of textiles is the United States, accounting for nearly 50% of exports, followed by the European Union and Japan, and this is in Vietnam textile and footwear exports to the United States tax rate of 17%~32%. It is foreseeable that zero tariffs will bring more benefits. the Vietnamese government expe Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping cts TPP to bring in $33 billion 500 million in economic benefits over the next 10 years, equivalent to 1/5 of its current gross domestic product (GDP). In fact, since 2010, Vietnam's exports to the United States have increased by 38%. The Pedersen Institute for International Economics (PIIE) related model predicted that the amount of the main industrial sectors such as Vietnam clothing and shoes export in 2025 through duty-free exports to other countries increased by 46% to $165 billion. China Institute of modern international relations, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania Institute Nie Huihui recently completed a survey of vietnam. In an interview with the International Business Daily reporter, said, in the investigation process, you can see that Vietnam overall TPP positive view, think from a macro perspective, TPP overall good for Vietnam's economy. Nie Huihui said that although there are differences, but the mainstream view in Vietnam there are two main points of TPP positive prediction. First, as will be gradually reduced to zero tariffs, export competition, Vietnam textile manufacturing products increased dramatically, while Vietnam's export led by GDP 1/3, there cheap foamposites is no doubt that TPP to promote GDP growth will help vietnam. Second, in terms of structural capacity, TPP will force Vietnam domestic enterprises, institutions reform mechanism. At present, Vietnam enterprises are joint-stock, slow development of serious, and the influx of foreign enterprises will bring new impetus to the reform of local enterprises in vietnam. In addition, there are a small number of scholars believe that TPP can promote the protection of Vietnam's rights and interests of workers, as well as workers' freedom to hold meetings. foreign firms in Vietnam for TP)Air Max 95 OG To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the Air Max 95 was born, the two known anatomical works and artists were commissioned to show the classic shoes and new shoes recently released by hand-painted. Although they are constituted by the human skeleton and flesh, but the final visual effect is to show the story of the shoes design inspiration. Air Max 95 OG and Ultra Jacquard by the Andy & middot; Fan & middot; D depicts (left) Air Max 95 Ultra from the Katie & middot; Scott depicts (left) Not long ago, depicting Air Max 95 OG and Ultra Jacquard Andy & middot; Fan & middo cheap jordan shoes for men t; D (Andy Van Dinh) and depicts Air Max 95 Ultra Katie & middot; Scott (Katie Scott) recalls the project as well as their feelings about this shoe, and human reason that fascinated them why. When did you realize that art is your mission? Andy & middot; Fan & middot; MARTIN: I have been painting, making things. However, I did not see this as a legitimate career option. In the first two years of college, I majored in biology and mathematics. My initial plan was to become a doctor, but I do not like it. Very Fortunately, I took painting lessons. On the first section after school finished, I decided to change my profession. I began to take seriously the art from that time, at that time I also know that I want to keep doing it. Katie & middot; Scott: small, I was forced to draw. Very Fortunately, after adulthood also maintained a desire for painting. In school, you really can learn to only art and graphic design, which I like, but are not particularly fond of. Until you find the illustration of the world, I was suddenly. Human Anatomy plays a huge role in your painting. What attracted you? Andy & middot; Fan & middot; Ding in his studio Andy & middot; Fan & middot; Retro jordans for sale D: By isolating a single organ, let me take advantage of little things to show big ideas. Each organ represents the entire body, as well as part of the story of humanity, it is through deep internal and external cross-sectional analysis of a method. Surprisingly, I like to treat external things as to render these internal organs, showing something deeper, they can piece together a complete human being. Katie & middot; Scott: I love the details of anatomy, symmetry and structure. Similarly, I history and our understanding of the anatomy of interest in his body during the twists and turns the story. Particularly attracted some of the oldest and imaginative theory. Those theory is that the human body is full of bile and water, while the organ is free to roam inside the trunk. Many of my works are based on the anatomy of these early science fantasy imagination. What is your main source of inspiration? Andy & middot; Fan & middot; D: In general, I was inspired by my half asleep when I, when my thoughts may be impractical or inconsistent. I like to try and take advantage of vague idea, until they become meaningful. Most of my inspiration comes from making things, and clearly understand how they are interacting. Katie & middot; Scott: I was inspired by a number of other artists, such as Ernst & middot; Haeckel (Ernst Haeckel), Cornelius & middot; Germany & middot; Witt (Cornelius de Witt ) and the Albert & middot; Seba (Albertus Seba). Each of them has a very different but beautiful way to capture nature. In addition, botany big impact on me, I never stopped to admire the plant kingdom. This project requires you to live the way reinterpret Air Max 95. Originally how you think? Andy & middot; Fan & middot; MARTIN: I want the audience to understand the stratification which shoes and the corresponding parts of the body. Again, I would like to explain Sergio & middot; Lozano (Sergio Lozano) is how to determine the type of shoes and shoes constructed by human anatomy. Overall, I think it is the human body's cohesion and combination, each covered but revealing the layer below. My initial idea was, because I reinterpret the work of others, we can not live up to the original designer. Katie & middot; Scott in her studio & nbsp; Katie & middot; Scott: I'm glad they brought me the book project, write me want to write. This is what I was interested in the project and themes. I also love the shoes to understand the design process. Nike Sportswear Air Max 95 Ultra Jacquard and female models Nike Air Max 95 Ultra sneakers will be held July 16 at the Nike sports Nike.com/sportswear and selected retail outlets for sale. Andy & middot; Fan & middot; D From Calgary, Alberta artist Andy & middot; Fan & middot; D & nbsp; 2012, graduated from the Fine Arts degree from the University of Calgary. The main focus on painting, Andy & middot; Fan & middot; Ding learned his work focuses on human anatomy and his unique ability to impart a deeper meaning in his work. In August 2015, Andy & middot; Fan & middot; Ding will attend Hunter College in New York to get his graduate degree. Katie & middot; Scott 2011 years, Katie & middot; Scott graduated from the University of Brighton, as Londoners Katie & middot; Scott, her thin hand-painted watercolor works and digital works can be in a variety of decorative poster on the label, newspapers and wallpaper were found. She focuses on the natural world and promote the publication of her first book, paleontology, was hailed as the 2014 Sunday Times children's books.brought you the Saucony G9 Shadow 6 "Mint Chocolate Chip" shoes before, and today we will continue to deliver the strawberry ice cream Saucony Originals G9 "Strawberry Vanilla" for you today. The with the same style of color, the Saucony Originals G9 "Strawberry Vanilla" of course, identification of the ice cream vision, tender pink collocation as fresh as attractive red shoe cold, white and white in color ink effect more like sugar as embellishment; insoles melted ice cream as a stamp is the interpretation of the theme. It is reported that the two Saucony Originals G9 "Strawberry Vanilla" will also be landing in May 15th, the global designated stores began on sale, interested friends should not miss. Why every basketball fans this morning or sitting in front of the computer to Nike (Nike) to grab the shoes on the official website? Because today is the launch of the replica Jordan10 #45 ya Air. Is Michael · Jordan used 45 Jersey back to NBA in the same year, and at the Madison Square Garden Stadium against the New York Knicks in the 55 pair of detonation time! Moment today we'll take a look at the 1995 basketball gods wearing this pair of shoes in the classic season highlights the invincible.

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